Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

A product we offer is the Annuity for retirement planning. An annuity is simply and investment product that provides a tax-free, low risk, growth of your retirement savings. There are different versions of annuities with varying features and benefits that include fixed, variable, immediate, deferred and hybrid.

Some of the main reasons people choose annuities:

-Safe growth of retirement funds without the worry of declining markets
-Monetary growth of funds accumulate tax-free
-Can provide income in retirement. Some products can provide income even when funds go to zero.

Annuities are a conservative investment in retirement that provide good returns without the higher risk scenarios such as the stock market. Often, the funds from a maturing IRA or 401k make a great transition into this investment.

There are also Whole Life Plans such as Indexed Universal Life or some Variable Whole Life Policies that make great investment options for some. There are also options with some products to create a 1031 exchange from the sale of other investments such as real estate.

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